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Do you want to learn and excel in the Chinese language? Hao Language School is one of the most trusted Chinese Language School in Singapore. Whether you’re taking PSLE, O-Level or A-Level Chinese, we have your needs covered!

We have a strong team of experienced teachers who have been working in Chinese education for many years. All teachers are proficient in the English so you can be rest assure that we explain any questions you may have during the class.

Our teachers are patient and will guide you along your journey to master Chinese and making every class an enjoyable experience. Our school provides fun and effective learning for all our students from primary school through to secondary school and junior college higher Chinese. 



Miss Li is a patient, intervening and a vastly knowledgeable teacher. I can’t thank her enough for all the help that she has given to me. With her unceasing support, I am able to take my work to the next level and achieving grades beyond expectations! I am proud to recommend her as a tutor! Miss Li never fails to bring enthusiasm and experience to every lesson that she gives! Miss Li is also extremely approachable and understanding, keeping an open line of communication with her students! I am so thankful that she is part of my learning 'journey' !

Javier from St patrick Secondary School

Miss Li is really one of the best Chinese teachers i have ever met. Not only is she the most patient and holistic teacher, she also provides interesting resources for one to improve. Chinese is not just a language! She taught me the beauty of the language through cartoons, news articles and the little aspects of everyday life. With her guidance i was able to achieve a respectable grade in my O Levels and even grew a liking to the language. Being one of her students is definitely not one of my regrets! 😊

Qijie from Meridian Junior college

Miss Li is a very dedicated and responsible tutor. She helped me tremendously with my GCE O level examination last year, enabling me to achieve an A1 which was deemed impossible by other previous tutors. And just a short 3 months, she helped me prepare for O level. Miss Li is very patient, encouraging. and provided a lot of useful resources to help me in my preparation boosting my confidence level. I am grateful to her for my achievement.

Siqi from Anglo- Chinese Junior college

For the past 4 years, the classes helped me improve my understanding and skills in Chinese. This of course benefitted me in my O'levels! The teachers focused on the basics first so I would have a better foundation allowing me transition easier time to subsequent assessments. In my opinion and from my experiences, the methods and exercises are definitely different from regular enrichment classes given by other language tuition centres and also ensure more efficient learning in students.

Jiali from NYP

Passionate and awesome teacher!!

Athene from Cedar Girls

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