While many others shy away from making use of our natural advantages as Singaporeans – bilingualism - believing that Chinese lessons must be conducted in Chinese only, we do not! We believe that students sometimes need that explanation in English to fully grasp the meaning of complicated phrases and idioms. This not only boosts efficiency in teaching and learning, but also greatly aids students with low proficiency in Chinese.

At Hao Language School, we believe in a 2-pronged approach of targeting our students’ interest and boosting their motivation to learn a language while teaching and reinforcing the skills needed for them to excel. This helps to ensure maximum efficiency as students will then be determined to putt in more effort and time to learn independently. Of course, with great effort and commitment comes great rewards.

For our school programme, we closely follow the new 2020 MOE syllabus, as well as their exam guidelines, to best support our students in excelling in their academics. We aim to arm them with the necessary foundation, skills and techniques to conquer any examination they face, giving them excellent results. In addition, classes would be accompanied with specially curated Chinese storybooks, films, movies and even extra activities, such as lantern making and kite painting. She believes that this approach would not only boost her students’ interest in learning Chinese but also teach them more about their own heritage or the Chinese culture, which is an extremely meaningful form of enrichment.

When it comes to Adult Chinese lessons for non-Chinese speakers, our approach ensures that each student will be equipped with the necessary foundation and skills to navigate the everyday life of the Chinese society, with the knowledge of fun, interesting legends, festivals and traditions that the Chinese people believe in and celebrate. We hope that these lessons are a fun and exciting discovery as our students delve into this new realm of Chinese.

We will be there every step of the way as you embark on your Chinese learning journey with us!