Welcome to Hao Language School! Here is the story of how we got started.

This Chinese tuition centre is founded by Ms. Li with the mission to give our students a push to achieve their Chinese language learning goals, be it achieve a better grade in their examinations or learn to speak Chinese completely from scratch.

Coming from an educational background, Ms. Li was inspired by her mother’s passion for teaching and helping students achieve their desired grades, as well as gain confidence in speaking another language. Eventually, her mother passed on some international students for her to co-teach, in which she slowly gained experience and a burning passion for teaching.

Ms. Li discovered that there was a gap in the market when it comes to Adult Chinese lessons for non-Chinese speakers as many existing programmes did not have a strong focus on the Chinese culture and traditions. She realised that many of her students not only wanted to learn how to speak and write Chinese, but also had a strong interest in learning Chinese history, culture and tradition. As a result, she developed a programme that ensured that each student will be equipped with the necessary foundation and skills to navigate the everyday life of the Chinese society, with the knowledge of fun, interesting legends, festivals and traditions that the Chinese people believe in and celebrate. This specially curated Adult Chinese Programme set off her first endeavour as an entrepreneur.

Ms. Li followed up with a full Chinese Tuition Programme for school going children to help them ace their Chinese examinations. She understands the reluctance of children to learn Chinese, especially in the Singapore context, whereby most families mainly speak English at home. Therefore, she specially designed a course with this target audience in mind. She believes that with the right learning attitude and support, every child has the ability to succeed.

Ms. Li truly believes that that language is a communication bridge and therefore, essential in establishing meaningful conversations and interactions with others. This bridge extremely important to us, social animals, to function well and effectively in society. The more proficient one is in a language and the more languages one speaks, the wider access they have to a large community of speakers. She believes that this is very valuable to everyone. Hence, she aspires to open the doors for many of the students that come to her for help.

Join us at Hao Language Centre for a new Chinese experience!