Adult Programmes

At Hao Language Centre, we hold the believe that it is never too late to learn a new language! Or for that matter, improve on your Chinese!

But, why should we learn Chinese?

It comes as no surprise that China has been dominating many of the world’s markets in different industries such as construction and manufacturing. As such, there is definitely an influx of business partners that are Chinese and thus, being able to speak the language will be an important asset, whether for work or simply to connect with others around you.

At Hao Language School, a well-rounded learning experience equips students with conversational skills sufficient for work as well as daily life, with specially designed notes and materials.

Our Adult Chinese classes cater to different proficiencies and learning objectives. From international students who do not speak a word of Chinese to proficient speakers who would like to venture into the Chinese market, we are here to help!

We developed our curriculum to best help our students navigate everyday life in a Chinese society. We believe in the importance of learning Chinese to hold meaningful conversations and build friendly relations with a new community of speakers, rather than for the purpose of simply passing exams and being able to name odd objects. 😊 We also aim to introduce important Chinese festivals, traditions, customs, history and legends to help our students develop a greater appreciation for the language.

Join our very qualified and bilingual trainer, Dr Liu, as she guides you through mastering the Chinese language. With consistent hard work and good support from us at Hao Language School, your confidence will soar and proficiency and fluency will follow shortly after!