Children’s Play

Children's Play

As the end-of-year holidays arrive, our students at Hao Language Centre were eager to prepare something special for their parents to enjoy and to show off their improved Chinese after a year of hard work. They were bubbling with excitement as they suggested to self-organise a Chinese Play for their parents to enjoy. Therefore, we gladly handed over the reins as they took charge of their own performance.

After much discussion, they decided on the story ‘The 3 Little Pigs’ to cater to the younger ones. Everyone was fervently fighting for the various roles, with the most popular character surprising being – the villainous wolf. Fortunately, after some intervention from us, the children quickly settled on their roles and off they go! It was a mad rush here at Hao Language Centre as they translated the story from scratch, using an English copy to fully show off how much they have progressed over the year. With some minor editing on our part, the script was ready! Another hurricane swept past as our students bolted around, making their very own props and costumes. And voilà, everything was set to go!

Making Props for Play

Well, almost everything… We still had a few more much-needed rehearsals, props were falling apart, and children were all over the place… It was time for the teachers to enter the scene!

Scene 1: 3 adorable pigs were strutting in, declaring their coming of age and exploration of the world! And then one of them forgets their lines…

Scene 2: “I’ll huff, and I’ll puff and oh the house already fell… How ah?”

Scene 3: “TEACHER! Please help us!”

Play Characters

They were no where near perfect, but it is alright. After all, it is only the first rehearsal. The performance is scheduled to be held a month later, thankfully! But with resilience and hard work, our very passionate students successfully put on an engaging performance to wow their parents. Someone even shouted for an encore? What a success!

Children's Play

Thank you to all parents for your wonderful support as you accompanied your child every step of the way and entrusted your child to us. Also, a round of applause to our shining stars of the day! Thank you for the hard work you have put in thus far! To another great year together!

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