November & December Holidays Prgramms 2020
Hao Language School is offering 3 Holiday Programmes, giving you the opportunity to make your long term break a great learning opportunity instead. With our holiday programmes, we ensure you would not only be fully utilising your time here, but making time for next school year easier for you!

Our Get A Head Start in PSLE is great for those sitting for this national exam in 2021. We will be going through the different exam paper components to make sure your preparation is well-rounded.

Never Too Early for O'Levels is a prepration course for those taking the O'level Chinese Paper next year. It is a common mindset for students to wish to score well for the first round of O'level Chinese held in the middle of the year to focus on their later papers. So why not you join us, and make your holidays and your first attempt worthwhile!

Last but not least, we have Essays made Easy: Primary 5 and 6 Composition Class for those who may find themselves struggling with compositiion or the creative process.

So, what are you waiting for? Come join us for a more fruitful and enriching school break!