Lunar New Year Eve

CNY Eve Reunion Dinner

It’s time to welcome Chinese New Year!
Tomorrow will be the beginning of the new year of the golden rat 🐭

Here’s a brief checklist for you:
1. Remember to clean your house today! It’s taboo to sweep your house during CNY celebrations as it symbolises that you’re sweeping your luck away ><

2. Reunion dinner with your family! CNY eve is a great opportunity to gather with your loved ones to ring in the new year.

3. Stay up past midnight! Today is a rare occasion as parents would urge their children to stay up past their bedtime. After all, it is believed that the longer the children stay awake at night, the longer their parents will live in return.

4. Watch the CNY fireworks! Those pretty showstoppers are more than just for entertainment. In fact, they are actually meant to drive away evil spirits 👻

5. Wear red to scare away the Nian Monster!

6. Pay all your debts! Owing money during CNY is bad luck 😳

Hao Language School wishes everyone a happy Chinese New Year!! 🧧 Also, best of results in the coming 🐭 year to all students!

今天是大年三十,是个特别忙碌的一天。大扫除、买年货、逛夜市、敬祖先、吃火锅、备年货,还有必不可少的春到河畔...... 虽然十分忙碌,但是到处都洋溢着喜庆的气氛!除了这些习俗,还有贴对联、挂灯笼、做年糕、吃水饺、放炮仗...... 当然,所有的期盼都敌不过大年三十的一桌丰盛的团圆饭,除去了一年的辛劳。一家老小团坐一桌话家常,小辈们一边看新年晚会一边为长辈们守岁......

新的一年,辞旧迎新!好语言学校祝愿大家有鼠不完的红包,得到鼠一鼠二的成绩、好运鼠于你、🐭 年大吉!

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