O Level Express Chinese Exam Simulation

Wondering why your child can’t score during exams but seem to know the necessary content? Perhaps they are suffering from exam stress. Stress from unfamiliar exam settings or bad time management from lack of practice can take a toll on your child, resulting in poor results…

This is why Hao Language School is offering exam simulations to acclimatise your child to these stressful scenarios. In 5 consecutive days of constant practise, doing exam papers in simulated exam settings, your child will gain confidence to be able to perform comfortably in an exam to the best of their abilities. The resonating footsteps of the invigilator approaching from behind will no longer make your child’s palms clammy!

Furthermore, immediate feedback would be given, together with relevant exam techniques. We aim to give your child the final support as they sprint towards the finish line: the O Level!

Course Details:

  • Simulated exam settings for your child to practise timed exam papers (paper 2 only)
  • Immediate, on-the-spot feedback for your child to better understand their mistakes and correct them
  • Exam techniques to help your child score effectively and efficiently, such as question analysis and identification of points.

Other Information

  • Level: Secondary 3 – 4
  • Duration: 3 hours (30 pm – 9.30 pm)
  • Small class sizes of 3-6
  • Dates: Monday (18 May) – Friday (22 May)
  • Last day of registration is 15 May 2020!
  • Current students of Hao Language School or previous attendees of our special programmes will receive 10% off!


*Terms and Conditions apply. Hao Language School reserves the right to suspend, reschdule or cancel a class due to unforseen circumstances and/or change the course syllabus.

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