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O Level”. Does the thought of it strike fear in your heart? Do you quiver in anxiety at the thought of it?

If your hands start trembling when sitting in an exam, Mugging Frenzy is for you. It is our O Level Chinese Exam Simulation, designed for you to acclimatise yourself to the stressful timed conditions of examinations. Excelling in your exams is more than just knowing your content. To be able to perform, sufficient practice under exam conditions is a necessity. So, if practise is all you need, join us!

If your mind goes blank when facing your Chinese Paper 1 questions, Write Away is created specially for you. This O Level Writing Boot Camp targets the common weaknesses that students have. Narrative. Situational Writing. Expository. We got you covered! Here at Hao Language Centre, we teach you skills. You will not be memorising model essays after model essays, praying that one of them answers the exam question. Be it Express Chinese or Higher Chinese, we have what you need! Available in both April and May!

If your voice trembles when facing your oral examiner, what you need is Speak Your Mind. Our O Level Chinese Boot Camp will improve your thought organisation and clarity of speech to boost your confidence. With confidence, fluency and knowledge, you will be able to perform to the best of your ability, offering mature and insightful points that are sure to make your examiners go “Wow!”. And so, we will help you speak up!

What are you waiting for? There’s not much time left. O Level is looming over, and you are unprepared and unconfident! Don’t stress alone, we are here to help! Do join us in our O Level Crash Courses, designed for you!


Current students of Hao Language School or previous attendees of our special programmes will receive 10% off!

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