PSLE Oral Preparation Course!
PSLE September Chinese Camp!

Primary 1 - 6

Our classes are designed in accordance to MOE Chinese Language Syllabus. We help students strengthen their core Chinese understanding focusing on reading, writing, oral and comprehension.

Using interactive learning to create connection and stimulation for the student understand and gain interest for the Chinese language.

We also design our course to targeting examinations:

  •  Strategies to gaining maximum points
  • Tips to help respond on different types of questions.
  • Preparation on array of different possible questions


Secondary Chinese is fast a pace learning environment building on top of student's primary foundation. We actively work with students to better understand the context by explaining and pointing out places where the student can improve. We focus and prepare our students to solidify their analytical skills and promote their awareness on current affairs to master their exams.

Our course will help focus on making sure the student scores their best by improving areas of their
Oral, Comprehension and Composition Writing.

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