PSLE preparation course 2020


Feel that you aren't exposed to enough exam questions? In our mock paper course, we provide an assortment of exam papers under a timed setting to replicate examination conditions.

We will ensure that you will be exposed to exam papers that challenges your mind so as to increase your preparedness and decrease chances of getting caught off-guard with the questions on the actual day of your PSLE paper.

After each paper is completed, we will go through questions with detailed explanation so you can get a full grasp of the questions, even components that you may have difficulty excelling in!


Want to know quick key to success or better grades? We will teach you specific answering techniques for various components so you have an easier time tackling your paper and maximising your grades!

We target different aspects and teach you the specific approaches. We also will help brush up on your vocabulary to ensure that you gain as many marks as possible for MCQ!

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If you sign up for both, we will include a 10% discount!