Secondary Level Express Chinese Tuition

Secondary Level Higher Chinese Tuition

Our secondary school tuition classes closely follows the MOE syllabus to provide the best relevant support to our students. We develop our own teaching materials to target problem areas that most students commonly face. A list of news articles are curated monthly to ensure that our students are well-informed about current affairs.

At Hao Language School, we separate Express Chinese and Higher Chinese streams due to slight differences in their syllabuses and examination format. This is to ensure that relevant help is provided to our students and boosts their learning effectiveness. Our bilingual teachers are also well-equipped to guide students, discover their strengths and weaknesses, and work on them individually, leading to visible improvements in results.

Additionally, Hao Language School does not believe in purely memory and regurgitation, which will surely bore our students. We place an emphasis on skill-based techniques to ensure effective answers are delivered efficiently, as well as on Chinese culture and traditions. We aim to pique the interest of our students by narrating Chinese legends, cultural stories and even showing them specially curated films and documentaries. We believe that our students will then be more motivated to invest their time and effort in Chinese and therefore, become learners with initiative and enthusiasm.

We are confident in transforming our students to curious learners who appreciate Chinese. Join us today!