Express Chinese Writing Boot Camo

Chinese Paper 1. The bane of many students’ existence.

You may think that making your child write essay after essay will lead to improvements but practise does not always make perfect. When it comes to Paper 1, using the correct skills and techniques is essential. After all, examiners are not looking for the most creative and imaginative essay but one that fits every criteria of their marking scheme.

Therefore, Hao Language Centre will teach your child the techniques needed to meet the examiners’ requirements. This way, your child will be able to excel in Chinese Paper 1 painlessly and effortlessly.

What will be covered?

Master the following basic techniques in just 3 days:

Day 1 – Situational Writing (10% weightage)

  • Format of informal emails
  • Appropriate tone and register for informal emails

Day 2 – Narrative Essays (20% weightage)

  • Narrative techniques (修辞手法)
  • Appropriate use of various techniques, such as rhetorical questioning
  • Various styles of introduction to showcase originality
  • Good phrases and idioms to show advanced linguistic abilities

Day 3 – Expository Essays (20% weightage)

  • Explanatory techniques (说明方法)
  • Ideal structure to maximise effort and score
  • Appropriate lexis for specific contexts

Other Information

  • Level: Secondary 3 – 4
  • Duration: 2 hours (10 am – 12 pm)
  • Small class sizes of 3-6
  • Dates: Sunday 3 May, Friday 8 May, Sunday 10 May
  • Last day of registration is 29 April 2020!
  • Current students of Hao Language School or previous attendees of our special programmes will receive 10% off!
  • Another session will be conducted in April!


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*Terms and Conditions apply. Hao Language School reserves the right to suspend, reschdule or cancel a class due to unforseen circumstances and/or change the course syllabus.

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