Learning Chinese on the Whiteboard

Hao Language School provides fun and effective experiential learning for children who wish to master the Chinese language.

Our patient teachers will guide you along as you learn the language, making every class a fun experience. As they are proficient in the English language, you can be assured that teachers will be able to explain any questions you may have during the lessons.


"Miss Li is a very dedicated and responsible tutor. She helped me tremendously with my GCE O level examination last year, enabling me to achieve an A1 which was deemed impossible by other previous tutors. And just a short 3 months, she helped me prepare for O level. Miss Li is very patient, encouraging. and provided a lot of useful resources to help me in my preparation boosting my confidence level. I am grateful to her for my achievement."

Siqi from Anglo-Chinese Junior college

"Miss Li is really one of the best Chinese teachers I have ever met. Not only is she the most patient and holistic teacher, she also provides interesting resources for one to improve. Chinese is not just a language! She taught me the beauty of the language through cartoons, news articles and the little aspects of everyday life. With her guidance, I was able to achieve a respectable grade in my O Levels and even grew a liking to the language. Being one of her students is definitely not one of my regrets!"

Qi Jie from Meridian Junior College